Ludvík Turek

Successful trader.
Distinctive mentor. Original author.

Ludvík Turek

I trade for more than 15 years

I attempt to earn my daily trading profit during European morning session. Every day I open and close 5 to 10 trades, which I hold for very short time, often for only a few seconds. I began trading in Australia and in the USA I have learned from the most famous traders. I am also president of Czech National Association of Technical Analysis. I spend my leisure time with my family, doing sports and enjoying the money I earn in the markets.

I give advice and help

Like my mentors I share my know-how with others. I have made many mistakes while trading the markets and I try to warn about them, everybody who is willing to listen and does not want to lose his pants unnecessarily. I enjoy explaining my successful techniques that can be repeated by anyone.

I run educational company CzechWealth together with other successful traders. Thanks to quality know-how and valuable materials the company supports traders and all people interested in trading. We publish expert but readable books and manuals. We organize practical seminars. We own and offer unique market visualizations called Market Profit Pack©. We also offer trading systems and analytical software.

I show real trades live

I think that everybody learns best by doing. Therefore I trade right in front of the audience, be it at my seminars or Live Trading Show events. I execute real trades with my real money. Everybody can witness how I think, what methods I choose and if I earn or loose money in the following minutes.

My seminars are practically oriented. Many can tell you the theory. But only few will give you a chance to see their trade management and money management live in real account and reveal their own psychology. If you want I will show you my account statement and provide you with commentary of individual trades.

I help complete beginners as well as experienced traders who want to try out new methods and be consistently profitable. More than 5000 attendees have taken part in our seminars since 2002.

I tried everything and have found my own style

I professionally traded in all markets and all time frames. Investment, commodities, options, stocks – I have great experience with all of them.

After many years of testing various methods in the markets I currently focus mainly on short term intraday trading. I trade forex and futures. My mostly utilized tool is Market Profile®. I achieve yearly capital appreciation in tens of percents.

Higher from the top?

As years pass by and misconducts of the youth resonate in my body, I am not willing to sit in front of my monitors for the whole day. I have a family that I want to spend my time with. Therefore I have moved part of my portfolio into longer term positions and in certain cases even into investments. I open these positions either directly in stocks, or with my favorite options strategies.

I could trade tens of systems that I know, but I am only a human and prefer to do less work and stay comfortable instead of having large amounts of money that I would not have time to spend. I want to enjoy my money. And share my knowledge like my mentors have done: Larry Williams, Joe Ross, John Person and others.

What do colleagues say about Ludvik Turek

Ludvik Turek is peculiar and distinctive Czech trader and short term speculator. He makes a living doing it for more than 15 years, which is telling about Ludvik’s tenacious and enduring character. Despite many problems, market collapses and vigorous changes during his whole trading career he was always able to overcome obstacles and stay in positive, green numbers.

Those who saw Ludvik in public appearance could have been somewhat unsettled by his distinctive and even natural way of speaking. Ludvik truly is a "showmen".

Ludvik Turek is certainly the most peculiar speaker when it comes to trading. And believe it that his peculiarity does not stop only with trading. He can flaunt with a row of atypical opinions and ideas (often timeless) that noticeably distinguish him from the crowd and play part in his success. And that is what trading is about – be different from the crowd, that loses money in the long term.