Do you want to earn more but not sure how?

I am a successful market trader, mentor and author of professional books. My name is Ludvík Turek and I will guide you through the world of trading.


Who I am



I started trading in the 90s in Australia and the US under the guidance of Joe Ross, Larry Williams and other trading stars. I tried out hundreds of trading systems and approaches. Today I focus mostly on intraday trading. I am the president of the Czech National Technical Analysis Association. I completely live by trading.


& mentor

Both beginners and experienced traders make mistakes. Beginners because they lack experience. Experts because they have too much of it and they lost cautiousness. My beginnings were tough; the change came only after I realized that I don’t stand a chance without education. I studied from the best in class. What I learned I pass on. I taught more than 5000 traders.


Author of books, founder of CzechWealth

Couple of years ago, it was just an idea – to found an education center for traders of all levels. This idea didn’t sink into oblivion and together with other top traders I soon set up At present, it is the largest education institution for traders in the Czech Republic. We publish books, organize courses and develop unique visualization Market Profit Pack©.

What clients said about me

Ludvik Turek and Roman Dvorak’s Price Action is part of the “basic equipment” for a starting trader. For me, the webinar was a breakthrough in my career when I moved from “I guess what to do” to “I know what to do”. In one word – RECOMMENDED!

Jiří Qais (Plzeň)

As a complete beginner I was afraid whether the webinar, even though called “for beginners”, would help me at all. After several months, I must say that it did. It was an impulse that guided me toward a right path. Understandable explanation, practical examples, clear strategies… it helped me a lot.

P. Dvořáček (Brno)

I enjoy the freedom

“I want to enjoy the money and freedom and to pass on my knowledge as did my teachers: Larry Williams, Joe Ross, John Person and others.”

I teach to trade in a different way than others


I always play with the real money

The real money. My money. At my courses and Live Trading Show, I trade directly in front of the attendees. It makes sense – the risk of a loss always drives me do my best. You experience “that best” with me. In every moment, you see how I think, which methods I use and how I react to the changes in the markets.


I teach by doing

Almost everybody can tell you about the theory. I always show in my webinars and courses how the real trading in real time looks like. You can see how I manage positions and money. You get the statement of my own trades. On top of that, I comment everything I am doing. I work with both beginners and experienced traders. We can all make consistent profits.


I have my own style

I don’t sweet-talk anybody, I talk straight. Both in life and in trading. When I offer know-how, I offer the best I have. No “guaranteed methods” that went around the internet many times already. I trade all the markets in all time periods. Forex, commodities, options, stocks. My experience can be yours.

Contact me

I would like to help you as best as possible, please describe your issue and what would you like to consult. You can either send me an e-mail or contact me via the contact form.

Ludvík Turek

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